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Need a little pick me up? (Friday Fictioneers)

May 21, 2020

As the band played on their temporary stage, Kol snuck further into the shadows. Beneath his jacket, the tricks of his trade. His stash of goodies ready to sell.

“Oi, you the guy?”

The man approaching had his VR goggles clearly on display, pushed back high on his head. Kol bit back a sigh. His clientele were all the same. The stench of desperation and addiction wafted from his unwashed body like cartoon waves of “bad smell” drawn onto a sketch.

A live band here to experience, and this guy needed his fix of VR.

Thank god for rich fools.

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Word count: 100

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  1. That’s so inventive, Laurie

  2. Reminds me of all those that go to gigs and spend the whole time filming it through their phone rather than watching it. Nice one Laurie.

  3. Dear Laurie,

    Complete with “smell-o-vision” 😉 Good one.



  4. Interesting take on the photo. the same old rules apply; where there is a demand there will be a supply.

  5. Creative take on the prompt. Addicts will do anything other than to experience reality.

  6. Took me a bit to remember what “VR” is. Old people like me aren’t always up on the latest lingo :). You created a very believable–and pitiful–character.

  7. What an original take, Laurie.
    God… I could never get to that level… I’ll take the real stink of bodies pressed together singing along to the band…

  8. Loved the cartoon waves of stench, Laurie, it has to be bad when you can see it like that. There are some saddos about.

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