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Book Review — “White Fire: A Toni Delle Adventure,” by Laurie Bell

July 6, 2020

How fabulous is this?

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As the lights of the metropolis brightened, shadows crept into alleyways and emerged from dark corners, ready to conduct activities that should never see the light of day. In the heart of this darkness, evil held its breath.
–Laurie Bell. White Fire (A Toni Delle Adventure) . Laurie Bell. Kindle Edition.

 White Fire: A Toni Delle Adventure, by Laurie Bell

What’s not to like about Special Secret Agent Toni Delle, who has see-through skin, heightened senses, courage and grit seasoned with experience; AND who has her own C-bot (Canine Robot, Mate) and a Computer Intelligence Interface (CII) named Zach, who has a knack for initiative and a sassy cuteness that’s hard to resist. She’s also an electronics expert who loves using and tweaking high-tech gadgets.

Agent Delle’s interplanetary travels on her trusty lightship Blackflame, while she’s outsmarting slick smugglers and getting into multiple hand-to-hand combats and other dangerous situations, keeps…

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