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Review: Butterfly Broken by Rebecca Carpenter

August 17, 2020

About the Book


“Hasn’t nature had enough—her thirst for blood satisfied?”

Bethany Keatley hoped her life would finally be normal, but on returning home to Springs, Georgia and the love of her life, Jeremiah Wright, she discovers she’s to blame for his hideous burns. Peace will never be hers. Yet, when she transfers some of her blood into Jeremiah, his mangled hand heals.

Bethany’s his cure but she’s not the only one who knows.

Abducted and locked away by powerful, desperate people hired to destroy her supernatural blood, Bethany and Jeremiah undergo unethical experiments. It’s only after the sheer potential of their mixed blood is revealed that their enemies turn on each other and new alliances are formed.

Who can be trusted when everyone has something to gain?

Bethany and Jeremiah unite to fight for their lives against real-life villains and an unquenchable power growing within Bethany, but time is running out and Bethany can’t take any more loss.

With Jeremiah’s life on the line, a new monster will be unleashed.

My Thoughts:

Book three of the METAMORPHOSIS series sees Bethany and Jeremiah fighting for their lives against a possibly lying possibly insane doctor, a team of untrustworthy and dangerous FBI agents, a vainglorious parent and of course their own toxic blood. All they want to do is to survive. Their blood is what everyone wants… whether they are alive to produce it or not. Bethany’s metamorphosis is nearly complete. Jeremiah’s body is going through changes as well. Together they are the yin and yang, one completes the other. And that makes them dangerous.

Their blood is deadly and desperately wanted by the evil men and women who will do anything to take it from them in the hopes of rejuvenation and healing, money-making and restoration. Bethany and Jeremiah are still changing and not only do they not know what this means, but they soon find they are becoming inseparable.

Butterfly Broken takes off running and doesn’t slow down once. A terrific read that ramps and ramps and ramps. Full of tension, drama, love, heartbreak… this book has it all. A terrific conclusion to this dramatic and unique series.

You can read my review of Book One Butterfly Bones and Book Two Butterfly Blood here

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