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Review: Blackbirch: The Beginning by K.M. Allan

October 3, 2020

About the Book:

Welcome to Blackbirch. It’s a place no one forgets. Except for Josh Taylor. 

The fatal car crash took more than 17-year-old Josh’s parents. It stole his memories and returned him to his birthplace, Blackbirch, a tourist town steeped in a history of witchcraft. 

Amongst friends he’s forgotten and a life he doesn’t want, Josh is haunted by nightmares so believable he swears the girl in his dreams is real. Kallie is so captivating he ignores her blood-stained hands, but he can’t overlook the blue glow summoned to her skin. 

Kallie says it’s an ancient magic they share and a secret worth hiding, because as Josh discovers, they aren’t the only gifted ones. 

To restore his memories and find the true cause of the car accident, he must learn what’s real. And what secrets Blackbirch has buried in its woods.

My thoughts:

This is a terrifically scary fantasy. A mysterious dark YA thriller and I was drawn in from the first page. Poor Josh. A car accident killed his family and his memory is lost. His mother’s best friend has taken Josh in, which brings Josh back to his childhood town of Blackbirch.

Blackbirch is named after the blackbirch trees that surround the small town. It’s also a small town with a witch history making it quite the tourist attraction. But it’s not just tourists who believe in magic. Many of the townsfolk do as well. Josh is not a fan. He can’t remember the town or his old school friends but they remember him and want him to be the Josh of old. But there is something about this town Josh was made to forget. Finding out what he can’t remember will hurt more than just Josh. Along with his old school friends, there is a dream girl who is trapped, a witch girl who desires more magic, and a shadowy figure hunting Josh. If he doesn’t find out what he can’t remember more than just his past will be lost.

This is a fantastic book one. K.M. Allan paints a gloriously spooky world of magic and fear. The town of Blackbirch is a character in its own right. The young men and women of this witchy place are layered and well defined. The pacing is perfect for the tale. K.M. Allan does a great job of creating a creepy vibe that flows from every page. A great read for Halloween. I’m absolutely looking forward to book two.


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