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Review: Husker Road by James L. Weaver

October 15, 2020

About the Book:

Jake Caldwell was trying to live a peaceful life, but sometimes you can’t escape old habits.

When former mob leg-breaker turned private investigator, Jake Caldwell, takes his daughter on a college visit to Nebraska, the last thing he expects is to tangle with a murderous pack of shady businessmen called The Triad and a ruthless Mexican drug cartel.

But when someone robs the money train of his old mob boss, Jake is given an offer he can’t refuse – find the money or lose his life.

With his best friend, Sheriff Bear Parley, by his side, Jake embarks on a thrilling quest to not only find the money, but his missing FBI friend against the frigid, unforgiving backdrop of central Nebraska.

My thoughts:

More Bear and Jake and I love it. These two and their banter always leaves me smirking. This is another great thriller from James L. Weaver. Husker Road is a new Jake Caldwell story that launches right into the action from the get go.

Action, fights and shoot outs aplenty. If you have enjoyed the previous Jake Caldwell stories, you will love this one. If you haven’t read the others – not to fear you can jump straight into this one and enjoy the mystery, the action and the intrigue. This series is gritty, dirty, violent and street tough, full of mobsters, crime gangs and bad choices.

Jake is a former knee breaker for the mob. He got out and he intends to stay out and is enjoying the family life with his wife, new baby and a teenager-going-on-adult who is now applying for collages. Only Jake’s ex-boss has other plans. Jake has been working as a PI and its those skills his ex-boss wants. Find a missing money train and the dog who stole it. And he’ll pay. Jake should know by now these seemingly easy jobs are anything but. He is quickly drawn into a battle between two gangs… Both want Jake’s head on a pike. Finding the money is the least of Jake’s problems. When he discovers an old friend has gone missing, the race is then on to find her and find the money and not get killed in the process. A great read.


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