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Operation: Sugarplum (Drosselmeier Industries #1) by Emily Wrayburn

November 15, 2020

About the Book:

Clara just wanted to meet her idol. She didn’t expect to have video game bad guys come after her in real life.

Clara Steele is thrilled when game developer Max Drosselmeier invites her to test out his new virtual reality system and the game Operation: Sugarplum. But Max didn’t warn her about his tendency to accidentally pull characters out of his games and into the real world.

Instead of finishing her Christmas shopping, Clara finds herself attacked by a pixelated seven-headed Rat King intent on taking her back to his castle.

If Clara and Max can’t lure the Rat King back into the game and defeat him on his own turf, they might end up as rat food rather than making it to Christmas dinner.

Originally published in Christmas: Australis: A Frighteningly Festive Anthology of Spine Jingling Tales, Operation: Sugarplum is a modern retelling of The Nutcracker with an Australian twist.

My thoughts:

What a fabulously enjoyable novella. Video games come to life? I love the idea. Clara is invited by Max Drosselmeier to test his new VR game and she has a fabulous time playing the game with the handsome IT nerd. But when the evil rat king comes to life, Clara finds out that virtual reality is not all that virtual. To stop the Rat King attacking her in real life Clara must join Max back in the virtual world to fight the Rat King and win… otherwise Christmas dinner won’t be happening this year. The pacing and action works really well for this short tale, but it doesn’t leave the reader feeling rushed. A great book for a great escape or a short getaway. Enchanting.

You can read my interview with author Emily Wrayburn here


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