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Little Explorers (Friday Fictioneers)

November 26, 2020
PHOTO PROMPT © Susan Eames

“I told you not to climb it.”

“I hat to. You seen it. A spaceship. I hat to climb it.”

“You’re four. You didn’t have to climb it. Mom’s gonna be so mad.”

“She’s … gonna be kay? She will, won’t she?”

“She fell a long way. Why’d ya have to get scared and cry for mom? I could got you down.”

“You were ‘fraid.”

“Was not.”

“Waz too.”

“I got mom.”

“Yeah and den she felled. Not my bad. Your bad.”

“Ugh. Come on. We have to get a teddy. Make her feel better.”

“B’oon too?”

“Yeah, balloon too.”

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  1. Poor Mum, they sound like a handful! Sweet though 🙂

  2. Faced with a problem we don’t know how to solve, using the magic we command always seems like a good idea. Interesting piece, Laurie

  3. Delightful dialogue Laurie, I could almost hear them! I’m sure teddy will help, they always seem to.

  4. Great dialogue, they sound like a right pair of rugrats.

  5. Dear Laurie,

    I’m sure it was a spaceship in the child’s mind. Poor mum. I’m sure it’s a tumble none of them will forget. 😉



    • Hahaha oh for sure. That little one’s imagination and having fun exploring can get you into all sorts of mischief !

  6. Sounds like two active and inquisitive youngsters. Poor mom 😉

  7. I loved the innocence and tit for tat exchange that is so typical of young children.I enjoyed reading this.

  8. This was so sweet and believable the way you captured their little voices.

    Susan A Eames at
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  9. Awww… I could just picture this, Laurie. So sweet (despite Mum’s fall).

  10. Loved the conversation. Brought little kids to life, very realistic. And poor Mum. Well, at least she’s never bored 🙂

  11. Aw… I would want to climb it too. I feel for the kid. And the mom.

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