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Review: Attending Virtual School: A Book About Learning Online (Little Wordlings) by Linh Nguyen-Ng

December 3, 2020

About the book:

Are you ready for virtual school?

Big Sis and Lil’ Bro are excited to start virtual school, but they’re not used to learning online.

What are they supposed to do?

How do they prepare?

What are the rules?

Join the Little Wordlings as they learn online etiquette and how to prepare for virtual learning.

My thoughts:

Oh my gosh. Another fabulous book in the wordling series by Linh Nguyen-Ng. If you have little ones experiencing virtual learning for the first time or just want a fabulous picture book to read then you should get this one. The third installment of the little wordlings, these picture books are simply lovely. The pictures are beautifully drawn with words inside. Bright, colorful and utterly charming. This one is all about preparing for attending virtual school. Insightful and practical, it can help the little ones adjust to this strange new world we live in now. Author Linh Nguyen-Ng does the illustrations as well. And the two little main characters are cute as buttons. If only all children were as well behaved! haha. A gorgeous picture book with a simple loving message. Get it now.

Grab book one and book two while you are at it!

You can read my reviews of book one: Mommy’s Little Wordlings and Book two: Daddy’s Little Wordlings.


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