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The Promise (Friday Fictioneers)

March 11, 2021

He came out onto the beach every day at the same time. Stared out at the horizon for an hour then closed his eyes. After a while, he returned home. Every day. Like clockwork.

I thought about asking him why, but he looked so peaceful I was loathe to interrupt his silence.

Yesterday there was a sparkle upon the waves. Or from beneath them. It was hard to tell from where I stood. In all honesty I feared it was only in my imagination.

The old man laughed aloud, threw up his hat and cheered.

I wonder what he saw.

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Word count: 100

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  1. He saw something, but the narrator was gifted by the sight of mystery

  2. Whatever it was, I’m happy that he’s happy 🙂

  3. Ask him! Now we are all curious 😉 lol, Glad he (the old man) had the patience to wait it out and finally see it.

  4. Wonder what he saw, indeed! Excellent story… left us wanting more.

  5. I love that the watcher could not see what he did. Of course, now I’m wondering what that was, too!
    Well done, Laurie.

    • Thank you Dale, I’m curious what everything thinks he saw? The eye of the beholder. The one that got away perhaps? Sunken treasure? A white whale? A mermaid? A forgotten memory perhaps?

  6. Open-enders don’t come more open-ended that that! Nice one Laurie!

    My story!

  7. In many ways this mirrors search with the telescopes looking out into space, and waiting for a ripple of existence.
    I lie the mystery of the old man’s joy.

  8. Yaay!!! His persevering hope paid off. What a grand and mysterious ending!

  9. Dear Laurie,

    What a delightful way to leave the reader hanging. I wonder what the old man saw and what the glimmer beneath the waves is.



  10. Well, you’ve certainly provided us with a delightful mystery to consider 🙂

  11. Good for him. He has found a path to happiness and contentment. Great story, Laurie.

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