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Review: Flame Riders by Sean Grigsby

April 6, 2021

About the Book:

In the final instalment of the Smoke Eaters series, the New United States Army has taken over and America has devolved into a full-on dragon apocalypse. Smoke eaters are banned and have gone into hiding to avoid being held prisoner by the soldiers.

Guiellermo Contreras is a private in the NUSA, and when he’s accused of potentially being a smoke eater upon pain of death, he escapes and sets out to find the heroes who disappeared years before. But what he discovers is that the NUSA has been working on something unthinkable, and it’s going to take more than a few smoke eaters to stop them.

My Thoughts:

Brilliant battle scenes, dragons, and more dragon hunting firefighters! This one has it all. The third instalment of Sean Grigsby’s smoke eater series packs another punch. Flame Riders kicks off a little while after the events of Ash Kickers with the Army now taking over the fight against the dragons and it ain’t going so well. Like, not at all. The smoke eaters have been forced into hiding because the government wants to experiment on them and discover how they can survive dragon smoke.

One Nusie, and a smoke eater fanboy, Guiellermo Contreras joined NUSA to save people. As the lowest on the totem pole in his unit he is just a Private forced into an errand boy/bootlicker who has to “earn” his place in the squad. When the squad robot officer accuses him of being a smoke eater he has to run – or he’ll be killed – or worse taken captive by the NUSA to be experimented on.

Contreras runs straight into trouble. But finds his idols – the smoke eaters – and maybe they are all he believed them to be. They are certainly going to be the only ones able to keep him alive. But running from danger is one thing, running into danger is something else. He is being hunted by dragons and NUSA alike and he will have to think fast, and move even faster if he is to survive what is coming.

There are surprising twists and turns in this one. And the appearance of several old friends who made me cheer aloud. (One surprising guest star I was very very happy to see!) As always, Sean’s battle scenes are glorious to read. Full of exciting action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I devoured this in only a few sittings and I am always left wanting more from this talented writer.

If you like Dragons, Dragon Hunters, Firefighters and fabulous action – jump on this series immediately.

Book Three: Flame Riders will be out 22 June 2021.

You can read my reviews of the previous books in the series here.

Book One: Smoke Eaters

Book Two: Ash Kickers

And here is an interview I did with Sean Grigsby a while back. Author Interview: Sean Grigsby

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