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Review: The Ballad of Melodie Rose by Kate Gordon

April 18, 2021

About the book:

A heartfelt story of one girl’s determination to save her beloved home and the lyrical companion tale to The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn. When Melodie Rose is abandoned on the doorstep of Direleafe Hall, she realises she must be a ghost. Strangely, she is not sad. With the three other ghostly girls who haunt the school and a gloomy crow on her shoulder, Melodie has never felt more at peace. Finally, she has a place to call home. So when the Lady in White arrives with plans to flatten the beloved school, Melodie Rose must act fast to save all she holds dear. But what can one powerless ghost do? The Ballad of Melodie Rose is a life-affirming tale of belonging, being brave and being seen.

My Thoughts:

Oh another glorious Direleafe Hall story! This one focuses on young Melodie Rose who is left at Direleafe Hall one day with no memory of what has happened or why she is there. But Direleafe Hall has many secrets. There are ghosts and magical talking crows and Melodie. Melodie is sure she must be a ghost too. Because how else can she see ghosts and hear talking crows. Melodie used to be able to sing – she thinks – but now she hums and that is okay. She is okay. She is happy. Direleafe Hall is her home. Until the Lady in White buys Direleafe Hall with plans to destroy it. Melodie and her special friends can’t let that happen and they will do anything to save it. Anything at all.

Another beautiful story by Kate Gordon. Musical prose sweeps you into the story and into Melodie’s world. Mysteries abound and you are never quiet sure what is real and what is not. A glorious tale. A feelgood story. A story of hope and friendship and loss and love. Once again Kate Gordon’s imagery, imagination and lyrical language creates a character and a world full of life and wonder and questions and magic. Direleafe Hall is its own mysterious character. Hollowbeak is still moody and cranky but perhaps, he’s starting to learn a little more about himself too. Ms Gallow is older and a little sadder and Melodie’s new ghostly friends are just happy to be heard and seen. They are desperate to save their home. There is another girl too, an angry girl, a human girl. And perhaps she can help them save Direleafe Hall too. A terrific read. This book will be available in June 2021. You can pre-order it now.

You can read my review of The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn here


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  1. This sounds delightful! Thank-you.

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