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Review: An Alien Storm by Calla Zae

April 29, 2021

About the Book:

“There’s something different about you… Something untamed. Something mysterious. It’s driving me crazy.”

Battered and bruised from a previous relationship, Vanessa now prefers a quiet life as a chef on a new planet. But then a captivating star-being storms into her life and whips up a whirlwind of emotions that makes her heart yearn for things she has long forgotten.

Arkon, a skilled soldier who prefers numbers, charts, and anything with absoluteness is attracted to Vanessa. But she favors no rules and lures him out of his comfort zone. Having been scorned once, he fears she will burn him.

Is their union a recipe for love or destruction?

My thoughts:

Another fabulous Soldiers of Saedo story. This one following Vanessa and Arkon. Vanessa has a past that continues to haunt her, and Arkon has demons of his own, but together they form a recipe that is sure to tantalise! Vanessa is a human from earth making a life as a chef on her new home planet. Arkon is one of the warriors who rescued her. He is all practical numbers and she is driven by her creativity. It’s enough to start sparks between them. But there is something else bubbling away beneath the surface of their world. Together, they will have to fight to protect their fledgling romance so see if the sparks can ignite a true flame of love. It’s another hot romance from Calla Zae. A terrific series!  This book will be out May 24.


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