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Review: The Alien’s Defiance: A Sci-Fi Alien Warrior Romance (Norakian Warriors Book 2) by Calla Zae

May 17, 2021

About the book:

“Love is the most powerful frequency in all dimensions. It creates many realities that can save us. Or destroy us.”

Orphaned as a child, Aleeya is now a warrior with standards and expectations. The search for her past leads her to defy a powerful darkness that could annihilate everyone she cares about. An attractive human shows her that her defiance is the key that battles the darkness and unlocks her heart.

Kenzo, a bounty hunter living in the shadows, encounters a stunning star-being who tempts his heart. But the thirst for vengeance for his brothers’ killer prevents him from love. Can he defy his own demons to find salvation in her?

As the false light grows, Aleeya and Kenzo must join forces to fight for love and truth before darkness reigns supreme.

My thoughts:

Book two of the Norakian Warriors series is about Aleeya – a female warrior who is both brave and intelligent. Abandoned at an orphanage as a young child, Aleeya has had to make her own family – her fellow warriors. She has trust issues in regard to men, but she’s a warrior, she can guard her own heart. The men she choses to date certainly don’t touch her heart. But she is not heartless. Seeing children in danger spurs her into action, and she will do whatever it takes to save them.

Kenzo is a human man kidnapped and stolen from earth – and the sole survivor of a terrible pain – the loss of his entire unit. He is filled with blame and guilt. Why was he the one to survive? It gives him a desperate need to save others and meet out revenge on the man (and the company) responsible for his circumstances.

This is a love story that brings Aleeya and Kenzo together and by the power of the moon – Yarra – their destinies are entwined. Both are strong, stubborn and brave, and they will do what ever it takes to save the children, the planet and the universe and maybe even each other.

There is a fabulous talking pet named Jeeto who is simply so much fun to read and several familiar characters from book one return to guide Aleeya and Kenzo toward the light. What is love and what does it really mean? This book is a fun exploration of that and more.

Another fabulous action packed scifi romance from Calla Zae. This is book two of the Norakian Warriors series.

You can read my review of book one here


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