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Review: Etched in the Arrangement by Calla Zae

July 8, 2021

About the Novella:


As a florist, my experience with cheating men makes me see them as rotten plants that can’t be saved; they ruin the beauty of bouquets. I’m careful who I let into my life. Gorgeous things often have unseen thorns, so when an attractive man asks me out, I said no. But I have a problem: I can’t stop thinking about him.


I wear confidence and charm like an irresistible six-pack. Women don’t deny me. When Gemma rejects me, I’m gutted… but extremely intrigued. She thinks I’m a man who gives up easily. She has no idea that fate has a unique arrangement for us.

My thoughts:

A new foray for Calla Zae – this time into Contemporary Romance rather than Science Fiction Romance but she still brings it! This was a fun novella that is flirty, sexy and humorous with a touch of danger. This is a great taster for the novels to come in this genre. Gemma is a florist with a fabulous Grandma (who steals the show a bit). Grandma is determined to set Gemma up with the handsome gym owner, Tyson. Sparks fly when they finally go out. But Gemma’s ex is lurking in the shadows. If you love a short read for a commute then this is a great one to get your hands on. (Available for free when signing up to Calla Zae’s newsletter).

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