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Review: Making March by Hayley Walsh

August 15, 2021

About the Book:

Kate feels old, alone, and regrettably round. It’s the first of February, and today also happens to be her fortieth birthday.

This month, she must survive a pending divorce, raising her offspring spawn from Satan, her best friend’s wedding, a fellow bridesmaid from hell, a cat show, multiple humiliating dress fittings, and her meddling mother.

Can she make it to March with her sanity intact?

My Thoughts:

This book had me laughing out loud and snorting with every diary entry. Kate says many of the things you might think to yourself but never say out loud, and I have to admit, I’ve had similar thoughts to those that appear in this series of diary entries. It’s a clever book, written as a daily diary throughout the entire month of February as Kate turns forty, madly prepares for the wedding of her friend, is attempting to manage her tumultuous love life (as well as dealing with her ex and monster child) and so much much more. Friends, family, internet dating, and every day life. Everything cops a serve.

Aussie author Hayley Walsh paints a vivid picture of Kate. Every word gives us more and more depth to this chaotic character. Each entry is bite-sized, so it’s a fantastic to read while waiting in the car. She, and Kate, get into your head quickly and it’s a delight to learn what Kate thinks of gender politics, career life nursing, booze, men, hens parties, marriage, internet dating, and Australian wildlife. Watch out for those spiders! So many of Kate’s musings are hilariously true. It’s a little like the naughty feeling of reading someone’s diary found in an old second hand bookshop. You just can’t look away. Hilarious. A great read.


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