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The Impossible Mission (Friday Fictioneers)

September 9, 2021

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

The hay is making me itch.

Like, really itch.

My bare arms are covered in little red splotches and lines where I’ve been scratched.

My nose is stuffed up too. My eyes hot and probably red. I’m going to sneeze.

I can’t make a sound.

I can’t be found.

My spaceship crashed outside of town and from the grace of the Ancient One I was not seen or heard. My green tinged skin will stand out though so I must remain hidden. I’m heading to the Guide. The one who lives on this planet who can help me refuel.


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Word Count: 100

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  1. S/he could trying saying, when found, it’s just a Halloween costume

  2. If spotted, pretend to be a frog and hop away as fast as you can. You describe the itching caused by the hay perfectly.

  3. Definitely, the wrong time of year to crash land. Delightfully different.

    Here’s mine!

  4. Oh no! Gotta feel for the fella! Nice one.

  5. Hay fever described well. Cute insert of the alien.

  6. Hay fever and ETs, a winning combination for a story. The ET could always blame the green tinge on the fever? Fun story.

  7. Bear permalink

    I got the scratches, red eyes, sniffles… sounds like harvest time. Love the alien twist to this. I always suspected that one farm hand wasn’t exactly from the same planet…. LOL!

  8. This is great, I hope they find the helper. If a doctor saw them with their red blood and green skin, they could just say they just recovered from favism. 😀

  9. Dear Laurie,

    I feel for this poor ET. The pollen’s getting to me lately, too. Cute story.



  10. Able to travel light years, but haven’t developed antihistamines . . . Doesn’t bode well for them.

    • Oh yes… viruses that mutate between planets. Perhaps his planet did get rid of a strain but not the earth varient? Or the hay is different planet to planet producing different results?

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