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Review: An Alien Lore: (Soldiers of Saedo Book 5) by Calla Zae

September 19, 2021

About the Book:

“I like this disheveled look on you. It makes me want to get messy with you.

Scarred from a painful past, Rita is an artist embracing a new life on a vibrant planet where she’s captivated by a mysterious lore that links her to love. When an attractive star-being—who she’s been secretly sketching from memory—appears in front of her, she struggles between walking toward love and running away from it.

Jarzell, an impatient soldier who thrives on urgency is fascinated by Rita’s unique ability to slow him down, urging him into the unfamiliar. As he tangles with his emotions, danger surfaces, creating disorder in himself and those around him.

Is their love a masterpiece in its beginning stages? Or is this romance creating an inconceivable mess that they can’t disentangle from?

My Thoughts:

Another fabulous alien romance from Calla Zae. This one is number five in the series.

Human woman, Rita, is making a good life on Saedo since she (and her sisters) were rescued from kidnapping at the hands of the evil Ulkrins. Rita and her sisters chose to stay and make their new homes on their adoptive alien world and four of Rita’s sisters have even found love on Saedo. Rita is not looking for love, she has demons of her own. She is an artist without the will to paint. To refocus her energy, Rita works in the local library, watching over one of the sacred texts of Saedo. She is coming to terms with her past and learning to overcome her previous heartbreak. Her memories of one of the soldiers who rescued her and her sisters is tempting her to draw again. Is this new muse what she needs to finally heal and move on from her past?

Darkness is lurking beneath the tranquil surface of Saedo. The Ulkrins want Saedo for themselves, and that is not the only darkness tainting this peaceful world. Strange portals keep opening on the surface ejecting terrible monsters who attack without warning. When the sacred text disappears from the library, Rita is reunited with her solider muse, Jarzell.

Together they must find the missing sacred text and find a way to stop the Ulkrins and the portals from destroying Saedo. Rita’s attraction to Jarzell as a muse explodes into real life at their close proximity. Jarzell’s attraction to Rita ignites a flame that he cannot ignore. Together their love becomes magical. Indeed their energy is magical, and may be what finally saves Saedo from the monsters.

A fabulously fun scifi romance and a highly enjoyable series.


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