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Masterpiece (Friday Fictioneers)

October 21, 2021
PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

She said choose something foreign. Something you have never seen only read about.

How are you supposed to create what you have never seen? I scowl at my instructor, but she blandly smiles and nods in my direction.

I turn to the ancient style canvas in front of me. Ridiculous. We should be doing this in VR or at least hologram imagery. Digital design. Ones and Zeroes. I glance at the colored liquid on the pallet. Ugh. With my left tentacle I scoop some of the “paint”. It’s cold and slimy. I stroke the canvas and create my “human masterpiece.”

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Word Count: 100

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  1. It’s good to know that the ancient art of painting will survive technology and the end of the human race – I hope writing has a similar fate! 🙂

  2. I hope they don’t have to go on to exercises in cuneiform writing on clay tablets. Your aliens always tell us something about what it is to be human, Laurie

  3. That was wicked, the tentacle was completely unexpected. Just wait, tentacle painting will be a new revolutionary art form.

  4. The old fashion world is more alien to people these days. Loved the idea, of messy paint.

  5. If your character has never seen this, they did a pretty amazing job. Delightfully different take on the prompt.

    • Thank you! I imagine they read about it in the earth manuals and in delightfully indecent human “romance” novels

  6. Dear Laurie,

    The thought of this being painting with a tentacle made me laugh. Fun stuff.



  7. Human masterpiece? It is certainly a shared experience with most of the western world. A witty piece of surprise.

    • Thank you! 😊
      I think fingers painting (well close enough) should be enjoyed by all ages! Haha

  8. This is a wonderful take on the prompt, Laurie. Art – even the “ancient” type will be around for a good long while, I’m hopting.

  9. That was an unexpected twist. Tentacles? Why not? The painting is quite fluid, after all 🙂

  10. Well, that was cute as hell. Good one!

  11. As we approach the stage where we can impose technology onto our bodies – google eye, or phone chip in hand … maybe we should look at alternative arm types!?

    • Hahaha oh dear. I don’t think tentacles would be the most versatile still… could make life interesting 🤔

  12. If that was painted with one tentacle imagine what could be created using them all! Nice one Laurie.

    Here’s mine!

  13. I was surprised and enjoyed the appearance of the tentacle. Very clever story, Laurie!

  14. Whimsical and touching in its way, an ET attempting to understand the natives. I’d like to see the finished painting.

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