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Don’t stop for breath (Friday Fictioneers)

November 11, 2021

I’d tried not to think about it. Everything that I’d left behind. Everything that I’d lost. I stared out at the choppy sea, the spray in my face, the coast in the distance growing smaller as I watched – unable to turn away—needing to see every second and knowing that once it was gone how I’d wish desperately for one more glimpse, one more memory. They’d found me. I had nothing left. I’d picked this simple planet in the hopes the lack of sophistication would hide my presence. But apparently the bounty was still live. I would never be free.

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Word count: 100

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  1. A great story that can run and run. An alien being chased by bounty hunters who are just one step behind. Will they ever catch up?

  2. Nice snippet – could have come straight out of one of your books 😉

  3. We’ve all been there. Well, not being chased on an alien planet of course. But looking back for the last time. You summoned that emotion well

    • Thank you! Yes I was going for that moment of looking back. That emotion you feel when a big decision is made, fearing the loss of the past. That moment when you have lost everything and just wish you had that time back again.

  4. Was it the tax chappies? 😉The desperation that drives her/him comes through loud and clear. Great writing as always, Laurie. Enjoyed “The Butterfly Stone” very much, by the way!

  5. The desperation of the hunted comes through loud and clear. This wants a larger story. Great writing.

  6. Dear Laurie,

    Intriguing snippet. As I read the comments I see this is an alien. Piques my interest as to why and from whom this being is running.



    • Thank you!
      100 words is such a short space to get every idea in haha
      I think perhaps, it doesnt matter why she is running. Eventually with bounty hunters it’s the catch that’s important not what the prey did to deserve the hunting. Perhaps she did nothing much at all…
      Thanks for reading!

  7. An alien who can pause to appreciated the ocean spray in their face is an alien I want to cheer for. To me these 100 words read like the intro to a weekly anthology series.

  8. Always on the run must be so hard. Great story.

  9. It must have been some crime for the bounty hunters to never let up! (Or a nice hefty reward amount…)

  10. You can run, but you cannot hide, So sad, to never be free, Such a crime, Nicely done, Laurie.

  11. What an intriguing story. I hope they make it out after all.

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