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Review: Etched in this Moment by Calla Zae

December 7, 2021

About the Book:

“Every moment with you is precious time ticking life into my heart.”

Sofia (Tia)

The holidays are here, and I’m feeling hopeful until an anonymous text message arrives, reminding me of why I’m in hiding. I go by “Tia,” but that’s not my real name. I stay away from men, especially cops. But Theo—an attractive and determined detective—fascinates me. I’m afraid my desire for him might be the end of me.


The last thing I need is a distraction that takes me away from my recovery from a deadly wound. But as the mystery unravels around Sofia, so does danger, and so does my heart. The need to protect her pulses in me, becoming a priority. She’s mine, and I always protect what’s mine.

My Thoughts:

A Christmas story with a kick. Sofia (Tia) is in hiding from a dangerous ex. But he’s got connections and friends and an anonymous text tells her he’s found her again. A serendipitous run in on the street introduces Sofia to Theo. Theo’s instincts kick in when he runs into the gorgeous woman. He knows there is something going on with Sofia. But is there something else too? The attraction between them is instantaneous. Theo wants to help Sofia but she’s still running. He hopes to gain her trust, and her heart. She really wants to trust Theo but is afraid they will all get hurt. Together they are stronger than apart. A terrific seasonal romance with a hint of danger. A great read to enjoy this holiday season and another great story by Calla Zae. It’s out Dec 15.


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