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Spare Parts (Friday Fictioneers)

December 9, 2021
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Claire Fuller

“The people of this planet sure look funny.”

“That’s a sign. The people here don’t look like that.”

“Are you sure?”

“… reasonably? Never mind. We should find the part we need in this junkpile.”

“You didn’t purchase extra filters and exhaust at our last Hop and Stop?”

“How was I to know it’d pop a seam as we dropped to our landing struts.”

“A visual inspection?”

“Oh very funny.”

“Dear, what is that sound?”

“Ah, that’s a four legged Long Snout. The bark is considered fear inducing but not fatal.”

“It’s awfully fast. And loud. We should run.”


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Word Count: 100

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  1. Endearingly earthlike, those aliens. They’ll fit-in perfectly

  2. The aliens learn fast that dogs don’t like strangers.

  3. Love it! The dog description is priceless!

  4. Haha! Love this, Laurie!

  5. Dear Laurie,

    I think I’d run from the four legged Long Snout, too. My guess is it’s trained to have a bite as bad as its bark. 😉 Fun story.



  6. An alien’s view of a dog! Brilliant, Laurie.

  7. This is so funny, from the sign to the four legged long snout. Just brilliant.

  8. Fun story, Laurie. Hoping Fido the Junkyard Dog doesn’t take a bite out of them.

  9. They’ve learned the definition of “meaner than a junkyard dog” 🙂

  10. Well done, Laurie.

  11. michael1148humphris permalink

    Them four legged long snouts are awfully intelligent, and by the way I right enjoyed the read

  12. Aww.. Maybe the four-legged long snout just wants to play.

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