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When you close your eyes (Friday Fictionees)

December 16, 2021
PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

The noise coming from the wine cellar pounded in time with her heart. Raucous cheers, whistles, thumping boots upon the wood floor. Mollie’s was pumping, and she was late. As she entered the cheers grew louder. “Bout time girl” was shouted her way by more than one drunken soldier. She threw various hand signals back garnering further laughter. A foaming drink was poured and jammed into her hand before she could blink. She slammed it back. “Another!” she shouted.

The jocularity hid their pain. Flashes of the battleground, blood and vacant eyes appeared every time she closed her eyes. “Another!”

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Word count: 100

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  1. You surprised me, Laurie. I thought you wouldn’t be able to resist using the wine cellar door as a portal. But there’s no sci-fi to this gritty tale of war and its scars. Well done!

  2. Hard games battles, they need a bit of a blow off just to come down from the rush. Nowadays its rugby games that follow on with wild drinking.

    • Indeed! I think the sports games certainly deal with losing better than a battle. Thanks for reading, James

  3. A welcome escape, if only for a while.

  4. Sounds like a raucous party. Well done.

  5. michael1148humphris permalink

    So believable, war and scars go hand in hand

  6. Aggressive and fearless. Forward we go. Well done, Laurie.

  7. Bear permalink

    Deep. Poignant. Reminesent. Great story.

  8. Ah, the truth of battle wounds that often go unseen. Well told.

  9. Somehow the survivers need to go on, drink helps for a while. Great writing, Laurie.

  10. Dear Laurie,

    Beautiful tribute to women with battle scars.



  11. I’m glad she has some comrades left to forget with. Good writing.

  12. So-called bad habits very often mask deep pain. A well-told story, Laurie

  13. So tragic; war and the deep scars that come with it. It’s been said, but glad she has comrades to share her pain with. Hopefully, numbing the pain will only last a while and she’s able to heal. Great writing, Laurie. I was there with your character.

  14. Nice to see you out of your comfort zone, Laurie! This feels so real for those who are battle-weary and take the time to party before the next round (so to speak!)

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