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What I remember (Friday Fictioneers)

February 24, 2022
PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

In my memory it is as it was.

Tall towers stretching off into the sky. Weirdly tilted, but perhaps my memory is drunk? Or I’m loopy on pain pills. Either is a possibility. It’s not like that now though. Now, it’s nothing but rubble. The invasion came fast. Spaceships screaming, laser weapons blasting people and steel and brick into little chunks that flew across the square. I’m stumbling around the aftermath. They couldn’t fit us into hospital – not for long at any rate – if we could walk we could leave. I lived here. Before. I wonder where my cat is?

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  1. Tragically, all this is taking place in Ukraine today. I loved the last line

    • Yes, todays news was forefront of my mind as I wrote it. Thank you! I’m sure the cat will make it, she’s a clever thing 😉

  2. Oddly relevent to this morning’s news. Hope the cat is okay!

  3. Find the cat, leave the city, move on. I hope you make it!

  4. I was just going to say what Neil did… Hope she can find her cat!

  5. I’m always surprised by the people that run toward the aliens when they arrive. And then they’re surprised when they are blasted.

  6. Well done, Laurie. Current events or fiction? A little of both? Yikes.

  7. Dear Laurie,

    Horribly relevant to the morning news. Well done.



  8. I like the way you lead into the present reality by remembering the place from an earlier time. Your alien invasion, as others have mentioned, has resonance because of current events, tragically.

  9. Invasion and destruction seem to be in the mode these days. I hope the cat is okay.

  10. I like her tilted recollection and would be delighted if she called out to her cat and she came out of the rubble.

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