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One day they’ll return (Friday Fictioneers)

April 14, 2022
PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

We set up our seats every Easter. Good Friday might have religious meaning for some but for us, it means something else entirely. Every year we sit and wait, the dark of night staining our sight as we snuff out our flashlights and stare up into the sky. The chill of Friday’s night filling our lungs and raising bumps over our exposed skin. We watch for the sign. The flash of lights that will signal their return. Fourteen years have passed since we last saw them. Last saw her. One year, someday soon, we’ll see our mother again. Perhaps tonight.

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Word Count: 100

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  1. I loved “the dark of night staining our sight”

  2. Faith and trust come to mind waiting for mother’s return. I wonder if the price of inter-galactic fuel is holding her back?

  3. Living in hope. If not this year then maybe next, or the next….

  4. An alternative Easter resurrection! Nicely done Laurie.

  5. Very cool atmosphere you’re created. I like the mixture of creepy and expectant. What will happen when she does return, I wonder?

  6. It makes me wonder what their mother is.

  7. Must be tough waiting year after year and not seeing the desired flash.

  8. Oh, faithfully waiting for the mum to come back… Beautifully told and heart breaking, despite the hope in it.

  9. I love their ritual and I sure hope they manage to connect!! Lovely write, Laurie.

  10. Dear Laurie,

    You certainly put a new spin on Good Friday. Good one.



  11. Nicely done, Laurie. Tradition is seldom understood outside of the inner circle,

  12. That’s a sad story. I can sense their hope and belief, but also the encroaching dark and cold leaves the chilling feeling that she’s not coming back. Interesting approach – to tell an abduction story from the point of view of those left behind.

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