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Always check the scans (Friday Fictioneers)

May 27, 2022

I’m not sure what it all is but it’s a decent cover. I duck behind the collection of junk, my heart pounding, my short blade held low to keep the silver from glinting in the sunlight giving my position away. What should have been an easy escape proved anything but easy. More guards than anticipated. For healpis’s sake, a damned convention? Of all days. Still, I got away.

I do what I can to still my breathing and listen. Approaching footsteps crunch the crisp grass. I shift my balance.

A goat bleats and rounds the tarp.

I think I’m clear.

This is a Friday Fictioneers Prompt

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Word Count: 100

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  1. Very well described escape. I like the mention of the detail about the knife shining in the sunlight. It lends authenticity to the tale because it is not something I would think to check.

  2. I’m not sure I trust the goat. 😉

  3. As always, high octane stuff, Laurie

  4. I’m with Iain. Goats sneaking up from behind have evil intents. Well done, Laurie.

  5. Dear Laurie,

    A good build of tension. I had to still my own breathing. 😉



  6. That’s why I use high carbon steel for my knives. Good story. You brought the scene to life with it.

  7. Since this is a convict escaping; I hope he gets caught. Actually, your storyline draws one into hoping for a clean getaway. Should it? Or is it the convict’s victim? In that case, I hope she/he gets away.

  8. On the run, from what? Being an alien in a forge in world appears to be mighty stressful and you have given us lots of tension here. I look forward to being caught.

  9. Great tension, nicely done! I hope he gets away.

  10. Great tension in this, with details that bring the scene to life, and the goat is a great touch – I’m breathing out a big ‘Phew’ by the end.

  11. Wonderful! All that tension and then–a goat 🙂

  12. Watch out for the goat, it may be a watch goat! This is a great, tense scene with so many details that round it out perfectly.

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