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Review: The Mastermind : A Brother’s Best Friend Romance (WaterFyre Rising Book 1) by Nadia Han

June 14, 2022

About the Book:

He thrives in the dark until she sparks his flame, igniting his new purpose.

Magnetic, brilliant, and achingly stunning, Remington Starke is a dangerous man with a vision, a mission, and a threatening past that haunts him. That alone should keep him away from the only woman who has ever made him feel anything.

Creative, cautious, and canny, Audri Wu is imprisoned by a guilt that torments her soul. Despite the darkness, she sees the rainbow in the rain and the spark that lies beyond the hardened façade of a man who has a reputation for shattering hearts.

Her boss.
Her protector.
Her brother’s best friend.
Water to her fire.

As their romance begins, that past catches fire and burns away the lies, revealing deadly secrets that could destroy them both.

My thoughts:

Wow, a terrific Romance by Nadia Han. Audri is artistic, full of love and loves her family. She is also wracked with guilt over a terrible event in her past and has terrible luck with predatory men. Remington Starke is a brutal, cold hearted millionaire. Now. Back then, he was a scarred boy who witnessed a terrible event that made him lock the loving part of his heart away. He is also Audri’s brother’s best friend. It means for both of them, the other is off limits.

Childhood tragedies have formed who Audri and Remi are now. But upon catching up they realise there is also a fire between them. One that can rebuild them from the ashes into the perfect mate for each other. Providing they can survive the darkness of the past that is coming for them. Great descriptions, setting and emotional tension in this one. And that car! Phew – who wouldn’t want to ride away in that! And I’d love to get my hands on Audri’s jewellery.

A great romance to escape into on a cold dreary winter’s night curled up next to a warm fire or to read by the bonfire on the beach in summer. Remi and Audri’s story will carry you away. A fun read.


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