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Hunted (Friday Fictioneers)

August 4, 2022
PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Looming over the town are the ruins of a castle.

All I can see is cover. If I can make it there before they catch sight of me. Again. I hear the drones before I see them. I’m hidden beneath a market awning, praising the tomatoes in a loud Australian accent. I mostly get cold stares and the occasional sneer. As covers go, it’s flimsy but the right people are paying attention and the wrong people are ignoring the loud-mouthed tourist. Coughing gains me space from the nearby shoppers. I must wait until dark.

Until then. “Oi! Got any apples?”

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  1. Better even than hiding in plain sight is drawing attention to your disuise. Clever

    • Haha and seriously I try to avoid the annoying loud mouth in a crowd so I figure other people might do that too. Perfect disguise really.

  2. Coughing has become a good way to get rid of unwanted passers by these days! Great bit of tension Laurie

  3. There is nowhere to hide when drones are on your tail.

  4. Dear Laurie,

    Yep, coughing would make the masses back off. Clever disguise.



  5. Juxtaposing modern drones against the castle ruins in the photo is great. Well done, Laurie.

  6. That’s a whole lot of food bluffing going on. She should have picked a restaurant and drank coffee until dark 🙂

  7. Great tension building and a clever disguise. I hope he’ll make it.

  8. Great tension and clever with the coughing to make some space. Well done, Laurie!

  9. Smart to use the cough. Works like a charm for the past couple of years!

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