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Plan B (Friday Fictioneers)

September 8, 2022

She said the building with the white cross. I race behind it and find … what is that? A ferry? Pontoon of some kind? On a trailer. Hands on hips I survey the location. Where the f*@# is the water? How is this my inconspicuous getaway vehicle? I blow out a breath and tap my broken travel portal wristband. Useless piece of future tech. Worth no more than the crap around here. I spy a tarp and yank it up. Now that’s more like it. I rev the dirt bike twice before the tingle of the transporter yanks me away.

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Word count: 100

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  1. Seems very unfair that to travel you must already be travelling. Love the technology. Where can I get one?

  2. It’s all go in this one. Love the fast flowing narrative 🙂

  3. A travel portal wristband would help with my work commute – when do they become available! 🙂

  4. Always on the run; time travel must be hectic.

  5. Laurie, I laughed to hard thinking of the pontoon boat as a getaway vehicle. These things are built to cruise along inland lakes slowly while everyone gets drunk and has a pleasant breeze while doing so. Thank goodness she looked under the tarp. Does the bike go with her when the transporter takes her? It makes for a nice visual wherever she is being transported to.

    • Hagaha yes I had a laugh too! What an idea. I think the bike was left behind, still running. I wonder what they’ll think when they find it.

  6. So glad they got the transporter up and running. No need for the pontoon or dirt bike. Very creative, Laurie!

  7. Transporter, like the cavalry, to the rescue. Well done, Laurie. 🙂

  8. Whew! Feels as if I just ran into a whirlwind! Great take on this prompt 🙂

  9. michael1148humphris permalink

    Tarpaulins can hide a multitude of items, however I never thought to look for a time machine. Now I wonder have I missed my opportunity 🙂

  10. Dear Laurie,

    Boats don’t do well on land, do they? Not even with a portal wristband. 😉 Unique take on the prompt.



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