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Can’t hide from me (Friday Fictioneers)

October 20, 2022
PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

In amongst the junk I spied a treasure.

I couldn’t come right out and say it though. I wandered casually to the counter and struck up a conversation. Eventually I had them leading my right to my prize.

“So, you say that painting was left to the store by the owner on his passing.”

“Oh darling, he painted it. But yes, he passed on earlier this year.”

I encourage her to let me examine it closely under the guise of a potential sale.

There, in the window of the house. I see him. He waves.

Got him.

“I’ll take it.”

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Word Count: 100

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  1. Magical and mysterious. Laurie. I liked your character’s guile

  2. The space dimensions our hero travels through to search out enemies is amazing.

  3. Great story leves me wanting more 🙂

  4. Dear Laurie,

    He can run (into a painting) but he can’t hide. 😉



  5. Got him, indeed. Well plotted story, Laurie. 🙂

  6. Oh! That is a wonderful story. Now what will she do with him?

  7. But. . . if he was hiding, why did he wave? Does he want to be rescued?

  8. Now that is a creative spin, Laurie. I like the fantastical quality to this and believe it is non-fiction somewhere in the all-that-is.

  9. Very intriguing tale! Would love to know more…

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