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What your eyes don’t see (Friday Fictioneers)

January 19, 2023

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

I was told the device’s disguise would not cause suspicion. I was skeptical. The proof was in the evidence. I breeched the target location and placed the device among similar devices. Enacting my invisibility cloak, I lay in wait. I had to be sure. The target and his family entered and didn’t notice the new arrival. Even the child, which took to playing with the device. I slipped out once I ensured the device was recording clearly.

From the playhouse in the back yard, my wings flutter as I listen to their world destruction plans.

Now we have a chance.

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Word count: 100

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  1. I am getting worried, as I believe from your stories;They live among us, who are they? Little people or clean from space?

  2. Lure them into an enchanted ring. Job done. World saved

  3. A creepy but fun one, well done.

  4. Dear Laurie,

    Beware of innocent looking toys. Nicely done.



  5. A clever disguise. Galactic plans undone by a toy washing machine!

  6. Oh! I want to hear what they were saying.

  7. Ah, good thing I have placed mine in the cupboard among the other toys. They chatter so much that my own communications are sure to be camouflaged … 😉

  8. What a good plan. If only we knew what they were saying.

  9. Is there not hope for them? Interesting situation, Laurie. Well done.

  10. Listening devices amongst the toys, perfect!

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