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I have been writing on and off about all sorts of things for a long time. Musings, rants, rambles and actual works of fiction are a staple of my blogging life. I envy those amazingly talented folk who can write poetry or music because I certainly can’t! This blog is not that. I just ramble… so I hope you enjoy!

I have many pieces of work here, some in progress, some completed. I apologise for editing errors which are my own as it is not my strength – my creativity is, however, so enjoy my stories. Also any comments I make are entirely my own opinion. I do not speak for anyone but myself.

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Author of the following:

White Fire (Jan 2019).

The Good, the Bad and the Undecided (Jan 2021).

Boss From Hell (Nov 2022).

The Butterfly Stone (Wyvern’s Peak Publishing, Apr 2018).

The Tiger’s Eye (Wyvern’s Peak Publishing, Jul 2020).

The Crow’s Heart (Wyvern’s Peak Publishing, Oct 2022).

White Fire is a Guardians of the Galaxy meets Star Wars novel full of action and adventure. A new adult science fiction adventure with an android canine, a snarky AI, space battles and angst.

White Fire is a 2021 Readers Favorite Finalist in the New Adult category.

The Good, the Bad and the Undecided is a anthology of short stories set during White Fire.

Boss from HellΒ is a supernatural mystery thriller with a hint of comedy and a dash of horror (includes a pinch of curse words to season). Heck, it’s just a good fun read.

The Butterfly Stone is book one of The Stones of Power series. A Nancy Drew meets Nevermoor novel full of magic and mystery. A young adult urban fantasy with friends, enemies, mysterious strangers and a Prince. Family issues galore with plenty of sister interaction. Published by Wyvern’s Peak Publishing.

The Butterfly Stone won the 2020 Readers’ Favorite Bronze award in the YA – Fantasy – Urban category.

You can continue Tracey’s Journey in Book 2 of the The Stones of Power series, The Tiger’s Eye. Published by Wyvern’s Peak Publishing. Tracey’s Journey continues in Book 3 of The Stones of Power series, The Crow’s Heart. Published by Wyvern’s Peak Publishing.

I have two short stories published in the following collections. (And many short stories are available via the Antipodean SF e-zine.)

Antipodean SF Issue 250 – Rift of no return

Stories of Hope Bushfire Anthology – Together we can fix it.

The Story is an ongoing BLOG fantasy about a girl who is thrown into a strange world. Full of dragons, fairies, ogres, mermaids a troll hunter, battles and searches for mysterious objects. There is even a witch and a ghost! The Story is a multi-media experience and all and encouraged to get involved. Particularly children!! To read about The Story – go here.

And please – go to the VIDEO of the journey a group of school children went on to design a BOOK PORTAL using THE STORY – I am sooo proud of these girls. They came Second in the STATE!! in the Young ICT Explorers competition. And I’m excited to say all graduated with brilliant scores. So Proud of all involved!

Speaking of… what am I passionate about? Presentation skills, STEM in schools, Technology in schools and Libraries in schools… Books and Babies – if you have them, please read to children from the earliest age possible. STEM for girls! Get me started and I can rant for hours! I love all thing TV, music and movies but especially The Amazing Devil and of course Star Wars, Dr Who and Marvel πŸ™‚ I also love a good Melbourne coffee and any kind of chocolate!

I am writing a new SFF WIP… details to come.

I love to hear from my readers. You can contact me on:

Twitter @Laurienotlori

Facebook at

and the comments section here.

Or email:

You can contact my publisher, Wyvern’s Peak Publishing about The Stones of Power series via the contact us page at

Laurie (AKA Solo)

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  1. Rebel Rae permalink

    Hello! I just wanted to say thanks for the follow! That makes you pretty awesome in my book! Don’t be a stranger!

  2. Rebel Rae permalink

    I nominated you for an award!

  3. I love your blog! my friend just created a new website and is looking for writers, you should check it out if you are between the age of 17-27. i think your stuf would be great on their website. You can reach tons of college students internationally. Here is a link to their blog.

    Also i look forward to keeping up with your posts!

  4. Your book sounds great! I wish you the best of luck in your writing career!

  5. Thank you for the follow Solothefirst πŸ™‚

  6. Hi! I came by due to helenvalentina high praise. Look forward to reading you πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you so much for following us! We would love to showcase your writing! I speak ramble…lol

  8. But aren’t rants and rambles the most fun?

  9. Thanks for the follow! I’m gonna definitely do more writing, and I hope you’ll like it.

  10. You have a great eye for words; you also have a great future ahead of you in the beautiful world of writing. Don’t ever lose that spark that makes your readers want more. Any questions you have, come find me.

    Keep your pen busy!
    Your Friend & Creative Writer – Alex.

    • Thank you, that is a lovely comment, I really enjoy writing and I think I get as much of a laugh writing as I do reading it back! I really do hope I get something published one day πŸ™‚ I’m working on it

  11. Wow thankyou… What a lovely comment, I do love writing and really hope I can get something published… πŸ™‚

  12. Thank so much for following me. I hope you find some of my posts appetizing. I’m going to chew through a few more of yours now.

  13. Thanks for following my blog. I’m enjoying your stories.Nice to meet you.

  14. gahlearner permalink

    I’m a bit late, but thanks for following my blog. I like to read other writer’s ramblings and look forward to yours. πŸ™‚

  15. veronicahaunanifitzhugh permalink

    Thank you for liking “Deference.” I hope you consider sponsoring my work at the Tupelo Press and Teen Creative Writing Center’s 30/30 Poetry Fundraiser. Every little bit helps. And, thank you for supporting my writing journey. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  16. Chelsea Brown permalink

    Wow sound like you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, I look forward to reading more of your blog. P.S. Thanks for your recent likes on my blog, they’re much appreciated.

    • Hi Chelsea. Loving your blog πŸ˜†
      Yes I am perhaps a little mad but my writer brain just keeps coming up with these things!
      Im happy you’re enjoying them… Glad to have you on board

      • Chelsea Brown permalink

        Thanks that’s always so nice to hear. I wouldn’t say you’re crazy, we’re writers we’re supposed to write. Sometimes the ideas flow out so quickly and before we know what’s what- boom! You’ve written another book.

      • Hahahaha lol that is spot on! πŸ€”

      • Chelsea Brown permalink

        Glad you think so. πŸ™‚

  17. gahlearner permalink

    Hello. I’ve nominated you for the Three Quote challenge. I hope you don’t mind. It’s here:

  18. Laurie – You know that I don’t write fiction, but I’m hosting a short story challenge. Hope you join in and feel free to tell others. … πŸ™‚

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